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Our Kittens are raised in our home. They usually stay with us until 10-12 weeks of age.They are socialized and will come spayed/neutered, wellness exam by our vet, age appropriate shots & de-wormed.
Will have a health guarantee. Please read our purchasing your kitten page before placing deposit ($300.00)

Bengals are not wild and considered to be fully domesticated despite their ancestry.
Bengals are delightfully active and friendly, they make wonderful pets. They will enrich your life with affection and entertainment. Bengals are very smart, active and curious. They love to play, run, climb, chase and even fetch.
They thrive on companionship and attention whether it be their human family or other animal companions. They love to be in the middle of whatever is going on.

All kittens come with a 48 hour/1 year congenital defect guarantee! 
Once the kitten leaves my cattery he/she is no longer in my care and we have no control over what enviornment the Bengal kitten is exposed to, we cannot guarantee its health for more than 42 hours. 
They are still guaranteed for genetic defects for one year.

Their health requirements are the same as domestic cats and they should receive routine vet care and vaccinations.

Bengals require little to no grooming because their short, slick coat sheds very little and naturally stays clean.

Each kitten is evaluated individually, but usually the kittens can go to their new homes at 12 weeks of age.  Iowa Bengal kittens.
Bengal kittens go through a stage what is called the "fuzzies". Like a wild-cat cub, bengal kittens typically develop a coat that camouflages or mutes their markings. At about four weeks old nature hides a bengal kitten's pattern with white tipped guard hairs we call "The Fuzzies". Usually between the ages of 6 and 11 months the sleek adult coat reemerges.  


Bengal kittens for sale Iowa


We have new babies! Will be ready to go to new homes around Oct 22nd. Kittens are $1,200.00.
Will start taking deposits Aug 19th!

2- Snow​  females ~ Available
2- Snow males ~ Available

1- Charcoal male ~ Reserved for Kim
1- Brown male ~ Reserved for Monica
1- Melanistic ~ Reserved for Kim

Choice of kittens will be given in order deposits are placed. 
The deposit is non-refundable but will count toward the balance of the kitten.
Snow male #1 available
        Snow Male #2 available
Reserved for Kim
Female #2 available
Female #1 available
The snow kittens will continue to gain color in their markings/spots as they continue to grow.
SOLD to Shana!  Gorgeous 4 month old female available. $1,000.
Plush coat,  spayed.